Alex in Hunterland (part 3)

Glancing about, he spied an old goat trail and soon found his way down the cliff face to a desert land full of dust.

Suddenly gunshots rang out and Alex fell flat on his face, covering his head with his arms. He was not hurt. Peeking through his arms, he spied some two legged creatures, human it seemed, doing an odd dance in a dusty circle. They waved guns in the air and shouted. He sat up. Some of the men wore jeans and some wore loin cloths. He approached them, wanting to ask if they’d seen where the rabbit landed. He was swept up in their circle, kicking up his heels, whooping, and pointing his fingers in the air like guns.

Their dancing was endless, carrying him across the desert. As he tired, he spied some white fur dashing into a thicket. Ducking out of the dancers, he crawled into the cool underbrush, seeking a burrow. A litter of white rabbits would make him a fortune!

As he crawled about, eyes cast down, a purr from above startled him. A giant smiling cat in a deer stalker cap scratched a tree.

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