Alex in Hunterland (part 5)

“I don’t got I.D. I’m gonna catch the white rabbit!”
The men at the end of the bar spit out their beer and guffawed, showing their missing teeth. The barman beat his meaty hand on the bar. “No laughing allowed! Drink up!”
“The cat said..”
“CAT! Are you friends with the cat?!” The barman raised a beer bottle while the men at the bar left their stools and tankards and pounded their fists into their palms.
“No?” squeaked Alex. He gulped. He was not going to get any help if he insulted the barman. He put on a brave face. “Look, sir, I was wondering what you know about the white rabbit. That is all.”
“Oh, it is, is it?” The barman spit shined a glass. The men giggled and took up a chorus of “It is, is it, its is, ist, its,” until the barman smacked his hand down again.
“The white rabbit is property of the Queen. She don’t take too kindly to people stealin’ her kills.”
“Kills? What Queen kills rabbits?”
“The Queen of Darts, that’s who!” The two men began brawling again. “Bar fight! Bar fight! Move down!”

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