Alex in Hunterland (part 6)

Stumbling from the bar in the middle of the forest, Alex found himself in the middle of some sort of dirt road. Looking ahead, he saw a barb wire fence and a gate with a No Trespassing sign. Behind him the forest loomed dark and he wished he had a weapon.

As he stood wondering what to do next, the sound of marching feet swept out of the dark forest. No sooner than he had realized what shape these soldiers were, he was swept along with them toward the barb wire fence and gate. He had no choice but to fall into step.

The gate swung open and lines of cards marched through. Two round things, like oreos with tiny legs and striped sides, scanned the cards. Poker chips. Spying him, they stopped him.

“You there! Business or Pleasure?”
“Uh, business?”
Alex wasn’t sure what the correct answer was, and he could not read their expressions at all.
“Take off your shoes.”
“What? Seriously?” The chips stared blankly at him. He took off his shoes. They inspected them.
“Clean,” said one. “Enter,” said the other.

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