Entry 10: "3-Word Prompt Chain" Toledo, Vapid, Instructions

To-le-do. Just a bit off from sunny Madrid. It rolls off the tongue nicely indeed, but I can’t see why it’s an UNESCO site. It seems as ordinary as any other country I’ve been to, but I’ve hardly traveled alone.

The taxi with tinted windows was waiting outside the airport, right on time. The driver’s seat window rolls down, and a tanned Spanish man gestures to me. Why a taxi? Why not something more…luxurious? I can’t wait to get changed.

As I got in, I noticed there was another man in the passenger seat. "You’ll find your instructions under the seat, Harley. The tracker’s inside the envelope. " the man mutters as we pull away from the airport. Still feeling a bit of jet lag, I opened it reluctantly, in eager expectation to see what vapid mission I had to do again.

This time, it was different. I couldn’t believe it. Of all places, Toledo. This man, who never leaves his city, has decided to take a vacation. In Toledo.

And my mission wasn’t boring at all.

Dear Harley: Kill the Batman. -J

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