I am haunted. My confusing but obviously dark past tortures what’s left of my sanity, for I do not understand why he did what he did. When the memory erupts in my mind, my stomach churns and tears burn my ugly eyes, for I never dreamnt anything this sickening in my most evil nightmares; how could I have dreamnt such a horrid thing for me or any being to go through.

Eventhough I was his daughter, he still decided to rip away every last bit of innocence I had left, and now I only wish to destroy reality; my real world seems diseased and disturbing. Maybe if I hadn’t been such a slut he wouldn’t have seen what ever it was that made him think it was okay for him to think of his own daugher that way. Perhaps all of this unbareable pain will burn the remains of everything in me and oneday leave me emotionless; at least I wouldn’t have to feel that revolting touch ever again.

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