Broken & Bloodied

After a while all you could hear was the rythmic cadence of bones wrapped in skin pounding into softened flesh.

“Don’t you think he’s had enough dude?”

(heavy panting and breathing)

“Bro, look at him. Look at his face. I think he’s done bro.”
(sounds of shuffling as I get up)
“He isn’t so pretty anymore now huh?”

“Nah man. I think you fuckin’ killed him!”

“I’m thirsty. Wanna get a beer?”

“What?! Frank, you fuckin’ killed that guy! We need to get outta here!”

“He ain’t dead yo. I could still feel him breathing as I got off of him. I think my hand is broken though.”

“Come on. We gotta go now! Let’s get you to a hospital. I can’t believe you just went off like that!”

“What would you have me do? He fuckin’ cut me off! I’m not playin’ anymore Jordan. No more fuckin’ Mr. Niceguy!”

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