Entry 17, 3-Word Prompt Chain: Christ, Mass, Interval

Within, an unruly mob of layabouts assembles, loitering near the walls, sometimes making it hard for traffic to pass through the narrow alleyway. The authorities, investigating an incident nearby, are alerted to the growing mass of indigents, mocking stares on their faces and no good intentions in mind. Those in charge consider what is to be done.
On another level, another crowd gathers in St. Mark’s. The authorities below are but commoners here, but this is not bad; the chief’s supplication here is to Christ. “Father, hear my prayer. Please save my life and disperse the mass of cells growing within my vitals. As I need you, my wife and children need me, and I must not let them down, as you would not abandon me. Lord, let me hear your voice.”
After an interval of waiting and listening, the chief fancies he hears sirens. The indigents are lassoed and carted away. The passages are cleared. Traffic can circulate again.
And all those gathered pray a heartfelt “Deo Gratias. AMEN.”

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