The Taste of Evil

MR. Bradley rolled the stapler around in his hand and stared after Rebeka as she left for her class. The smell of her succulent flesh drifted through his nose and made his mouth water.

“I hope you’re not planning on doing what I think you are." said a voice that came from the shadow on his right.

“And what is that, exactly?” He turned towards the shadow and it began to walk towards him, darkness fading from Ms. Granger’s elderly features.

“She is not ready yet, Ashamal,” said Ms. Granger, “she has not reached full potential.”

“When, Balisdeen, when will she be ready? I grow tired of waiting around for what would only be a snack.” Mr. Bradley/Ashamal turned back to the open door and watched students in the hallway with hungry anticipation.

“Patience Ashamal,” Ms. Granger/Balisdeen put a hand on Ashamal’s shoulder, “she will be ours soon.”

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