On Safari

Looking at the world through a sniper scope never got old. Even though Mallory had been a mercenary for ten years, he still got a thrill as he swept the cross hairs back and forth. For a moment he imagined he was on safari. Bang, there went a kangaroo. Bang, a bird vanished leaving nothing behind except a couple of bloody feathers dancing in the air. His finger twitched but he never squeezed the trigger.

Dense brush seemed to spit out a man. Was it time? Mallory zoomed in on the man’s face and grunted to himself. It was Zeke. He was carrying a limp koala on each shoulder.

Good. Stupid goddamn poachers hadn’t killed them yet. Now if Geoff and Raj were as successful, today might be a good day.

Two motorcycles jumped into view, dirty riders whooping and hollering as they saw Zeke. Mallory switched magnifications twice in less than a second, once to lead the first target and then he zoomed back in. The riders helmeted head slid through the scope’s vision. Mallory exhaled death and the rider’s face exploded.

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