Light Among Shadows

The night passed and the sun rose. The shadows that were once strong were meek, and hid under shrubs and behind trees. If one were to walk through the forest, they would hear slight whispers in the wind, completely incomprehensible. However, if one were to sit at the foot of a tree, in the shadow, they would find the shadows were speaking to each other.

“You do realize that if she keeps looking, she will find you?”

“Balisdeen, what makes you think I am worried about what the Walker finds?”

“Abdumal, if she finds you, she will kill you!”

The shadow of Abdumal wavered, as if it were laughing. “How can one young girl kill a shade?”

Balisdeen shrunk and regained her shape. “You dare laugh at this? She is light! She believes you have killed someone.”

“I don’t need your protection. The Walker will learn soon enough that one does not accuse a shadow of murder.”

“Brother, what have you done?”

“Nothing yet, dear sister, nothing yet. But our dear Walker will soon regret walking into a forest.”

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