Airships: A Chase Begins

The Frenchman grimaced and looked up at Hawkeye, “Where would this clipper be?”

“If what Ryle is saying is true, that ship is probably already in the Otherside. She’ll be heading towards the wreck ship extremely fast.”

“Is there any chance Ryle could be lying?”

“Ryle would lie. My brother wouldn’t lie about such a thing though. This is all true.” Hawkeye seemed to stand a little straighter as he said it and Elletra was suddenly curious about the brother she didn’t know.

Jerem turned towards the crew on the bridge barked out a heading. The ship quickly turned and gathered speed.

He glanced at Elletra’s uneasy posture, "Something we have missed in this picture, mademoiselle?

Elletra bit her lip, “If this cargo is that precious, and it has Nightmare on it and it has somehow involved Four Peaks and now Hawkeye and his brother. Plus that clipper is coming from Earthside… Sounds like something the Earl would do. But I could be wrong.”

“Or you could be right.” Hawkeye said almost inaudibly.

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