What am I doing here? All my life in servitude, away from them bastards who lord it over me like I am less cus I was born a different color. How in Hell can I change that? And now these morons turn up with their dumbass dream to own their own ranch? I tell you something: the American Dream is a fuckin’ myth. I ain’t never seen anyone rise above their station: even if they do, they get beaten back down by the God damned authorities.

I had a dream once, yeah, I did. I dreamed of a wife, a family, a cottage in the hills. But none o’that is real. None o’it. There’s a reason they be callin’ it the Depression. I ain’t the only one God damned depressed. E’en the Boss knows he cain’t make it anywhere.

I almost had it once… Almost had her. Abeline. She was beautiful. I couldn’a asked for a better woman. But all that I had, it got broke by someone else. They took ’er in the most painful way, and she got broke. I will never forget the way she looked at me when she left this shit of a life.

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