Airships: A Bigger Game's Afoot

“So, what will we do when we find this ship that’s going to get or already has retrieved this Nightmare cargo?” Elletra asked, to no one in particular.

Jerem answered first, “We won’t be able to blast them out of the sky because of the cargo. I suggest we try a stealthier approach.”

She saw Jerem glance at Hawkeye. When she looked at both of them, an increasing smile was growing on both men’s faces. She arched an eyebrow at the hidden joke between the two men.

“Flying Squirrel?” Hawkeye asked.

Jerem nodded, “A page torn right out of New Tortuga’s book.”

“I’ll get the men ready.” Hawkeye said, and walked out. Elletra was going to follow but Jerem caught her arm.

After Hawkeye had shut the door behind him, Jerem looked her in the eye, “Answer a few questions for me.”

Elletra furrowed her eyebrows but nodded.

“Does the Earl have a personal vendetta against you?”

She nodded.

“Has he ever employed New Tortuga pirates, Mafia Pirates, or military men?”

Elletra frowned, “I don’t know. Why?”

He shrugged.

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