I blinked wide brown eyes, mouth agape. I drew a breath, as though I was going to say something, but no words came out. The man at the desk blinked at me. “Y-you like it?” I finally managed to stammer.

The man stood, his wheeled chair shooting out from behind him. “Of course I do! We all do!” he exclaimed enthusiastically, lifting up a huge packet of stapled papers. “All we need is an editor…” he hummed before glancing back to me. “But other than that, we’re golden. People will love this.”

Internally, I was screaming. This was my big break, what I needed to really launch my career. I never thought I’d make it, even to this room. And more, actually getting approved. Given the a-okay. He looked over to another man in a different office. “Scott!” he shouted. “Call HarperCollins. And Signet! We have ourselves a winner.”

The man grinned and turned back to me. I was still stunned. “Is there, yanno… more?” he asked tentatively. I nodded. “Good. I’d like to read more.” He held out a hand. “Congratulations.”

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