The Candy Man's Decision

It was the greatest moment of my life, or it should have been. But it became the worst decision I ever made. Everything could have been sweet for me and my kid, but no, it was my soft heart that did me in.
As the boss of the candy shop in the same town as Wonka’s factory, I thought that perhaps I had an edge. All was sanitary, my gloves were fresh every morning before opening. I wanted that golden ticket, and looked in all the Wonka bars for it. One day, there it was, shining at me like the dawn of a new life.
I didn’t want to rush things. I kept it there, innocent looking among the others, but I knew which it was. When that Bucket lad came in, I could tell that he was someone with real need; my heart went out to him immediately. I was strong at first: I gave him some other bar. After all, my own daughter had needs, too! But not the way he did. Then he asked for one more. I didn’t have the heart to deny him, though I knew I was passing up the chance of a lifetime.
I told him to run home. It broke my heart.

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