The Precipice of Infinity

After decades of war, this was it. This is to be our last stand, our last chance to rage against the dying of the light. The gasts were making their way through our last defensive line.

It was only a few hours ago that the last of our star ships sat in high orbit as a barrage of relativistic missiles hit the forward line. We could see the explosions all the way down on the surface.

The enemy never shows themselves until you know that you’ve had it. After the second salvo hit, we had our first look at the enemy ships. At a quarter of the size of our ships, they were black and looked like insects against the sun.

Shortly after they appeared, the first cities were bombed. A few grams of mass is all they need.

Our last hope, a few ships left a day or two ago to New Eden. As our cities disappear, one by one, that is our collective wish — to survive.

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