She Shruged

“I assume you think i’m a traitor.” she said lightly in the elevator as if the world was listening.
“Your assuming I assume that?” he replies sofly.
“Your actions would suggest so.”

The elevator made it’s pinging noises as it rose. The two stood together in the elevator, he loaded his gun.

“Your not loading your gun?” he asked.
“Don’t need to carry bullets.” she replied.
“And why is that?”
“Because i’ll use yours.”
“What makes you think i’ll supply you?”
“It’s not your choice.”

With that she grabbed him and forced her finger into his pressure point next to his shoulder. She released him and his body fell lifeless to the floor. She picked up his gun, and ruffled his coat and took his card pass key. She then proceeded to rip up the written note proclaiming his mission to kill her.

“Such a shame, you could have been useful.” she said softly.

She kissed his cheek as the doors of the elevator opened. She stepped over his body, exited the elevator and shrugged.

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