Someone has to hold the standard up high..

I will not win this challenge.

But I want to enter.

Before me stands a white board with a couple New Year’s resolutions on it. I grab a marker and add ‘one Ficly a day’. Surely I can carve out 15 minutes of every day to write something. My favorite website in the whole world deserves at least that much. This website has done more for me than facebook ever will.

Steely resolve pours into my veins, filling me from the middle outward. I’ve written when I was sick before, when I was sad, when I needed a break from all the other stuff, and even while doing other stuff. As long as I can manage my time, I can do this.

For me.

It’s a small change, a small sacrifice, but it has to become something. I nod to myself. It will become something greater than watching my crops grow or putting three gems in a row or liking and sharing pictures. These roots nourished me before and will nourish me again.

Barring internet or power failure, or hospitalization, I will be here.

Will you?

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