Debate Diet, or She Must Be Worth It

“You can’t possibly believe the words of a pieced-together book, written by several men over centuries. The stories don’t even line up!” Granad scowled over his half-eaten sandwich.

“I know there are juxtapositions, but back then communication was more difficult.” Soni replied.

“They could cut stones with a precision we can’t even match today, so why not perfect embellishment?”

Soni swallowed her bite and smiled. “They weren’t embellished.”

“Why not? You read the same histories I did in class. Some scribe surely embellished the truth to gain the favor of a deity.”

“Because there are no adjectives.”


“If you embellish a story you use adjectives.”

“ are so.. just.. gah!”

“Look, they wouldn’t have been assembled into doctrine if they weren’t meant to be assembled.”

“You mean by the 8th King of Corrindor who commissioned their collection and inscription.”

“By the All-Knowing.”

“I give up.” Granad dropped his sandwich on the table.

“I win?”


“I love when you let me win.”

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