In case of emergency, break glass.

Now here is a familiar situation… No doubt we’ve all been here.

A man sits dozing on a simple chair, in a simple room. Magnolia paint coats the walls and a small fireplace burns in front of him, set deep into a stone box in the wall. the chair is deep and soft, but practical. It looks well used.

Now look again…

The wall beside the man begins to shift, and rises out of sight far above. Here, instead is a wall of glass. No more the gentle, non-committing magnolia. The lack of wall draws the man from his comfortable slumber and, through the bright barrier, he sees a green hill. upon this hill is walking a woman, clad in a tie-dyed, stripey jumper. She walks with a springing step, joyous in her own world.

Now, the man’s little haven is all the less comforting. Now he presses his face to the glass, arm-chair abandoned. this little, simple room, made for he and he alone, no longer suffices. He is in his own private heaven, yet he would give anything to trade it all for a share of hers.

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