There she was, this time in the delicate curve of the cashier’s left cheek bone.


She was teasing me again, playing hide and seek among other women’s faces and voices. It was a game that we had been playing for years and I had long given up the expectation that the game would ever end.


Her face was unfamiliar and yet I seemed to know it intimately enough to be able to readily see minuscule glimpses of it in others’ faces: the right ear lobe of this woman; the left side of the upper lip on that one; in this girl, the emerald colour of the inner iris; a hint of her coppery hair in that one.


I had been staring obliviously. Embarrassed, I fished my wallet from my coat pocket and handed over a $20 bill. I took my groceries and started for the exit.

“Sir! Your change!”

Sheepishly, I returned and took my change. I exited the store, walking past a father and his young daughter. I could hear the liquid overtones of her gently mocking laughter in the girl’s voice.

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