A New Frontier (Day 4)

The Minister walked to the front of the class, the squeaks emitted by his shiny black shoes were the only sounds in the room. Coming to rest under the banners that read in bold lettering LOVE THE MOTHERLAND and CHERISH THE HONOR OF THE GROUP, he stopped and turned to address the class. Gravely he saluted, his eyes combing the rows of white-collared shirts, searching for something.

“You are well on your way to being future leaders. You are good students, get good grades and are willing to serve the other students. You study hard to build our country stronger. I know this because I’ve examined your files. I’ve heard the honesty in your voices as you recite the daily pledge.” The Minister paused to push his glasses up onto the bridge of his nose. “As of today you will be held to the highest levels of integrity while representing our great county in the world of online gaming. All thirty of you will receive computers, compliments of the government. Miss Lira will give you the details in the upcoming days.”

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