Coalition of Belly Dancers (Day 4) (late)

There had been shadows dancing. She knew that much. She didn’t know if was her shadow but there had definitely been dancing. And shadows. Obviously.

She let her head roll around as she woke up in a chair. Tied up. How strange. She opened her eyes and noticed there was only one light in… wherever she was. She couldn’t help but giggle a little. That could be due to the champagne or the drugs that were in it.

She looked down at herself. When had she changed into a bright green belly-dancing bikini? Oh, that must be where the dancing shadows came in. She wondered why she had been dancing.

A man walked out of the darkness, “Nice show you put on last night. You never answered my question though.”

He looked vaguely familiar. She hiccupped, “Oh?”

“Do you work for the Coalition? Or do you work for the government?” He asked with a smile.

She grinned, letting her eyes cross, “They hired me for my belly dancing skills. Took four years of it in high school.”

She blacked out again.

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