All I Can Manage is NonFiction, So Here is A True Story

Today I was sat on by a kid who doesn’t realize he’s bigger than I am. I tried to distribute his weight evenly across both legs as I joked about how Santa must feel. When he rose, shortly thereafter, it took a good 200 heartbeats for my leg to stop tingling and throbbing with each pulse.

Later I was slobbered on by a girl who hasn’t learned that kisses are not appropriate at school, and especially not with adults. My shoulder was wet for a good 30 minutes.

Another student came to my desk and I looked up as he swiped the back of his hand across his nose. A trail of red on his hand made me bolt from my seat, his nose caked with blood. I put on a glove and grabbed a wet wipe to gently inspect the damage. It had stopped ages ago, while he had been napping off a good tantrum.

I had to help lift and transfer a student to the changing table and make sure he didn’t roll off in his excitement. This brief pause in my day is always welcome. I’ll take diapers over fits any day!

At least we got them all on the bus. :)

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