Operating on Hard Lessons (Day 9)

Nina hid in the back seat of the car, mindful of the dust that stuck to her clothes. The white powder would make her stand out if anyone still had a flash light but it was necessary evil. Careful footsteps grew closer to the car. Nina thumbed the catch open and drew her long knife out.

She had been following this mark’s progress for some time. He carried a plastic jug, no weapons and walked with a slight limp. He was foolish for traveling after dark and Nina couldn’t muster any sympathy for him. He was a man and that was enough. All men were rapists, murderers and pigs.

Tensing, she waited for the sound that would tell her when to strike. The fishing line she had threaded between the cars would be all but invisible now. There was a grunt as the man stumbled. Nina kicked open the door and burst from the car, knife flashing ahead of her.

The man was on his hands and knees, his back an open invitation. She stabbed downward. The knife struck something hard and glanced away.

“I’m not totally stupid, you know.”

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