Fantasyland IV

Meanwhile across town a meeting, a supposedly very secret one, was taking place. The only thing was someone forgot to tell Henry.
He heard about it at the Imps Grotto Inn from a slightly inebriated and incoherent troll, who had heard about it from a member of a not so very secret society which they had been drinking with that very day.
That’s the thing about trolls, they have an ability to hold liquor better than most and thus hear secrets people generally spill when they have too much ale.
Because their body is used to vile liquids swishing around inside them, a troll will sit and absorb all the secrets sworn to him by his drinking partner and, when the other person rolls out of the inn sozzled, they feel their secrets are safe with the troll.
But, when a troll finally does succumb they have an ability to reveal secrets rather quickly, which Henry discovered when he delivered the evenings’ fresh supply of candles and is why he was now sitting in a meeting convened to discuss plans to take over the city.

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