Ode to the Relationship

You love me, you hate me,
it’s always the same thing.

You try to forget me,
but in the end you just come back to me.

I’ve lost things you don’t see,
and these tear’s are so deadly.

You try to erase this,
‘cuz you don’t know how to start this.

Screaming Hearts for the Heartless!
_Screaming_Thoughts for the Thoughtless!

Broken by rapists,
feelings so dope-sick.

The lies that I brought this,
of claims that I don’t miss.

Trying to save me,
all the hate that you gave me.

Screaming Hearts for the Heartless!
Screaming Thoughts for the Thoughtless!

The pain you keep claiming,
is the same thing.

This game you keep playing,
is the same thing.

How I’ve tried,
am I lost in your eyes?

All the times I’ve lied
am I lost in your eyes?

Screaming I’m sorry!
Screaming So sorry!

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