Airships: The Earl's Assistant

Elletra tucked her knife in one of her boot’s hidden sheaths and walked over to Hawkeye. She put on her best smile as a dozen men in the opposing line gawked at the presence of a female on their ship. She clenched her jaw and kept her plastered smile on her face.

“And this is?” The leader of the men asked, his eyes narrowing.

“The Earl’s assistant.” Hawkeye said slowly before Elletra could say a word. She glanced at Hawkeye’s stone face, as she hid her own expression of bewilderment. Hawkeye’s men were silent and statue-still.

Hawkeye took off his scarf and held it up for the men in the opposing line to see. Realization dawned on her as she saw the coat-of-arms on the scarf. She looked at the man in the opposing line as his cheeks flushed every so slightly.

“My apologies.” He mumbled.

“I’m sure the Earl will look over the misunderstanding.” Hawkeye smiled and put away his scarf.

Elletra couldn’t help but grin a tiny bit. Being the son of the Earl had its perks. Like having the same coat of arms symbol.

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