Outstanding in His Field

“Not so fast, Strawman.”

Crowbait stiffened, a hand sliding toward the revolver that hung low off his hip.

“Nuh-uh. You keep your hands off that steel, or I’ll cut you down where you stand. I never cared much for shooting anybody in the back but I’ll surefire make an exception for the likes of you.”

Crowbait paused, letting his hand hover just above pearl handle. That would be enough, if it came down to a fight. He was fast and feared little. Guns certainly didn’t scare him, not really, but it was best to be careful.

“Turn around nice and slow. I know your tricks—-some of them anyhow.”

Whoever it was, they sounded inordinately pleased with themselves. Crowbait twitched a ghost of a shrug and followed the directions. He gave a start of surprise. The speaker was a woman! She looked like something out his nightmares. Standing in all black with a beaked nose and beady eyes—-it was like looking at a giant crow. Worse, she held a long rifle in her hands, tilted up so that the barrel pointed into his face.

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