Cal drove to JoAnn’s farm wondering exactly who had asked for his presence. He hoped it was JoAnn, but knew it probably wasn’t.

“Cal!, Please come in.” JoAnn’s mother opened the door wide, but didn’t smile.
JoAnn was sitting at the table, tears still evident on her face. “Have a seat.” Hannah pulled out a chair beside JoAnn. He sat, feeling this was more an interrogation than a social call.

“Please tell me what is going on.” Mrs. Arnold’s eyes leveled and looked back and forth between the two. Cal looked a JoAnn and she sighed. He wanted to take her hand, but under the scrutiny of her mom, chose not to.

“I went to that party and I guess someone spiked the punch. I drank too much, and flirted with this guy and I thought I liked him; thought he was someone else, but he’s not.”

“This guy wasn’t Cal?” Mrs. Arnold looked surprised.
“Who was it?”
JoAnn teared up again, face contorting and reddening. Cal took her hand this time.

“He’s not going to take of her. That’s all you need to know.”

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