Dreams and Ghosts

What if those faceless people you see in your dreams are really ghosts?

Most of the time they just wander in and around, witnesses to your struggles, your triumphs, your emotions; longing to feel anything again.

They press against your subconscious where you can sense them; the only thing they can touch.

Sometimes our bodies create dreams to deal with stress. These dreams are vivid, but insanely jumbled. The ones you can’t explain; the ones that last forever and are more memory than anything, those are the ones the ghosts bring.

Some ghosts touch us with kindness, bringing us happy dreams, wishing us well, desiring to make life on the mortal plain better so that the memories would be sweet.

Others want to get a message across, or play on our fears, creating terrible nightmares that our bodies must fight to wake us before we lose ourselves.

Perhaps there is a message in all of them.

“We are here. This is life after death. Do not forget us when you wake. We are everything.”

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