Harpies 3: Darkness

The ninja released me from his cold stare. He took his position silently guarding the base of the tree I had to climb. As quietly as I could, I rose even higher above the cliff. The man below me disappeared in the growing darkness.

I slipped the camera into the weatherproof housing, turning it on and testing the motion sensor with my hand held receiver. Satisfied, I began to shimmy back down. I hoped it was focused. In the dark, there was nothing to test it.

On the ground, I could barely make out my hand in front of my face, the night had grown cloudy. A low rumble signaled a coming storm. A harpie stirred in her sleep, giving a muffled screech that froze my blood. This was the first time I had wanted to run.

I heard nothing but my heartbeat in my ears for three beats before I moved. A shadow became solid as the dark little man brushed my shoulder and pulled me toward the next camera location.

I stumbled beside him, his strong arm grabbing my bicep before I fell. We both froze, listening intently.

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