A Fake Review of The Lean Startup (which I haven't read)

Eric Bees is the KINGALING of the lean startup! Most startups fail, and so have most of his: Poodar, the public bathroom review site, tanked; Hot or Not Yet, the preteen attractiveness rating site, was too immature; Happy To See You, the dick-pic-only competitor to SnapChat, flopped. Despite that, Eric is pulling down 40 to 50 g’s a year. This book is all about how he pulled that off (unlike his failed scab and bandage social sharing website, Since this book is really boring, I’ll skip right to the secret – fire everyone and write a book about startups instead! A startup is considered “lean” when no one works there. Eric was in big trouble, like break your legs kind of trouble, so he fired everyone (Don’t get much leaner than that!!) and wrote a book about all the stuff he was “totally going to do when [he] got around to it”. When he did that, and people bought the books, he actually had income which I could actually really use right now lol. Three stars.

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