Ninja Night School

“You’re an idiot, Steve.”

“Rachel. I have proof that ninjas wield more power than pirates!”

“Prove it.”

“This room is full of them. They are EVERYWHERE, Rachel!”

“I don’t see any of them, Steve!”

“Rachel, that’s exactly my point!”

“I have a confession to make.”


“I’m gonna quit my job and go to ninja school. The local community college offers night classes. I can be a ninja in less than 18 months.”

“That’s fantastic, Rachel…but I have a confession to make, too.”

“What is it, honey?”

“I’ve been undergoing pre-op pirate assignment surgery for the last two years. Tomorrow, I’m going to get my lower right leg removed and that cool hat with the skull and crossbones on it.”

“Steve, I love you so much. I know we can make this work! Let’s order in Chinese and watch “Pirates Of the Carribean.”

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