The Best Part of Me (Day 17)

Apartment-sized chunks of rocks broke from the main continent above us with a groan. I tensed, not there was anything I could really do if they fell on top of us, but exhaled in relief anyway when they fell past us to the earth far below.

“Nothing you could have done.” Travis said.

I tried not to take my frustrations out on him but his attitude dipped lower the higher we climbed. “I know that. But it’s better to be ready to do something than to just let it happen to you.”

“If you say so.”

I almost pulled a muscle in my neck swallowing my retort. His diffidence was maddening. I knew that Travis had lost a lot- a niece, his job, and his home, but so had we all. It wasn’t fair.

Hands tousled my hair. “Hiya, handsome.”

It was comforting to pull Nadiya to me. She nuzzled her face against my neck and I breathed in her fragrance. Somehow she smelled of roses.

“I saw the darkness in your face.” She murmured. “You can’t let him get to you. We need him.”

“I know, mon amour. He doesn’t make it easy though.”

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