It's Important

A tall, willowy young woman turned from a table at the back of the tent. She was dressed in flowing purple and silver robes that matched her dark, violet eyes. Her long black tresses were pinned at the back of her head. Her face wore an annoyed look.

“Hush, Nadya. Can’t you see I’m with a customer?” Nadya’s mother turned back to the young man sitting across from her. He appeared young, perhaps sixteen or seventeen, and gazed intensely at the crystal positioned in the middle of the velvet covered table with his curly head in his hands.

“Oh, but Mama, that’s just Cato- he comes here all the time- Mama, it’s important!” Nadya’s little face crinkled in a frown and she stomped her foot.

“Excuse me for a moment, Cato.” Nadya’s mother got up sedately and walked over to her daughter.

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