“Nadya. I do not care how many times Cato comes in. He needs guidance, and you know that full well. He will perhaps be a fortune teller himself someday.” Nadya rolled her eyes and squirmed. Her mother grabbed her arm and kneeled down to look her in the eye. “Listen, Nadya. He has the gift, just like Vita. You should do well to get along with him.”

“Alright, Mama! But really, this is important!”

Her mother sighed. “Really, Nadya-“

“There’s a man here who wants a fortune ‘cause Vita saw where he was from and he was all impressed and stuff and, oh, Mama, he’s a foreigner and he’s so funny looking, his hair is all pale and his eyes are blue! Blue, Mama!” Nadya paused for breath. Her mother’s eyes widened. “He’s right outside with Vita and he called her a lady! And please can he come in Mama he’s ever so nice and Cato’s been here twice today already-“

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