Truth in Paris

Sometimes it’s nice to imagine you are loved. No, more than loved, cherished.

Suzette closed her journal. From her hotel window, she could see the Eiffel tower. Wasn’t this a city of love? Yet, here she was, single, lonely, and day dreaming her life away.

It was time for action. Suzette stuck her ID and passport in her back pocket. The first thing she had to do was find her long lost cousin. She had one clue about where to start. Her mother had told her that her cousin worked in tourism as some sort of guide.

Her poor mother was probably just now realizing that she was not safely in her college dorm. It had been 2 days since her plane left. There was no way her roommate could keep lying. Suzette knew her mother could smell a lie even over the phone. She was supposed to be in class on a Monday.

This was just bigger than class. Bigger than love. She had to find out the truth from someone who had left because being stateside was too close to the problem. Her cousin would talk or she’d make him.

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