Ficly Flees or Mighty Joe Young Gets Out The Monster Truck

The Ficlyteers piled into the Ficly fighter jet and it took off with a resounding roar.

“Off we go into the wild blue yonder-” Jason sang.

“We’re not in the US Air Force.” G2 pointed out. “Kevin where are we going?”

“Somewhere… Over the Rainbow-” Kevin sang.

“What is this?” Ana Christina demanded. “Ficly, The Musical?!”


Mighty Joe Young revved up the engine of his Monster Truck Fictomous Prime. He had a sixth sense for a fight, and he had a feeling one was coming his way soon. He’d hidden himself after the War, trying to live out his writing days in peace.

But oh was he a sucker for a fight.

He drove Fictomous Prime down the dirt road grinning. “Its finally begun.”

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