Fantasyland VI

“Cap’n I know you said we’se weren’t allowed to complain but you’se think we’ll get the same respect on the streets wearing that,” Corporal Enid said pointing at an embarrassed Cpl Hollis.
“Stop pointing at me,” Cpl Hollis said shyly, “you don’t look any better.”
“Point is Cap’n these trousers are ‘orribly tight and this ’at, well it doesn’t offer any protection from the sun let alone a brick or axe, or both.”
Captain Dardanus wasn’t looking at the squabbling pair in front of him. He scribbled another few words in ink, slid the paper to one side and leant back in his chair. As soon as he spoke, the mood in the office changed from heated to icy very quickly.
“Corporal Enid you are nigh eight foot tall, you barely fit in this room, I very much doubt anyone, and I repeat ANYONE, would taunt you for what you are wearing,” the captain swivelled.
“Corporal Hollis, stick with Corporal Enid. I think it’s for the best.
“Now what do we know about this ’revolution’?” The captain applying air quotes around the last word.

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