One night out with friends
Two eyes meet
Three hours pass
Seven digits are exchanged
Eight days inch by, a table for two
Ninth morning, breakfast
Ten weeks later “I love you”
Thirteen weeks after, meet the family
Fourteen months after we first met, one ring
Thirty calls to make, informing friends
Ninety invitations to a wedding
Two hundred “Congratulations”
Two hundred and fifty loving glances
Three hundred kisses
Seven hundred proclamations of love are not enough
Eight hundred years in your arms won’t satisfy me
Infinity together seems just too short

One unknown number on your phone
One night of work keeping you late
One more
One more
One more
One picture slipped into our mailbox
One second is all it takes to understand
One tear courses down my cheek

One thousand pieces of my broken heart, scattered on this kitchen floor.

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