Deserted Island

“We’re family.” Elise smiled up at the sweaty faces sipping coconut milk and looking grim.

“We’re a motley crew,” growled the youngest male named Jeff who thought his life ended when the plane crashed.

“We still take care of each other, live and work beside each other, and support each other. Isn’t that what families do?”

“We are a lost and hopelessly stranded collection of people on a deserted island!” Jeff stood and kicked sand.

“Don’t be like that.”

“I can’t listen to this! I’m going to DO something about it instead of try to make lemonade from coconuts! You’re nuts too!” He threw the insult at Elise but she didn’t let it stick.

“You really should take a minute to see things from his point of view,” suggested the middle aged female named Deb. She always had a wise thing to say when she chose to speak.

“I think he should try to see things my way as well.” Elise stood and grabbed a crudely made fishing net. Deb sighed. She twirled her medic alert bracelet and sipped her coconut milk.

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