Skit: The World's Worst DJ (Day 23)

Euphoria stomps into the strip club’s DJ booth.

Euphoria: What the hell was that?

DJ Charlemagne Champagne: Nuh-uh, you know the drill.

Euphoria: I ain’t playing around.

DJ Charlemagne Champagne turns around and starts to put on his headphones.

Euphoria: Wait! Okay.

Euphoria leaves, closes the door behind her and gently knocks on it.

DJ Charlemagne Champagne: Come in!

Euphoria enters.

Euphoria: DJ Charlemagne Champagne?

DJ Charlemagne Champagne: How can I help you?

Euphoria: Seriously, what the hell was that? How am I supposed to dance to ‘Man in the Mirror’?

DJ Charlemagne Champagne: You said you could dance to anything. I’m helping you out by challenging you. This is hard mode, girl. Don’t worry though, I got faith in you.

Euphoria: Speaking of Faith, she said you played ‘Dude Looks Like a Lady’ for her last night.

DJ Charlemagne Champagne: I thought I was doing him a favor.

Euphoria: Faith is a girl!

DJ Charlemagne Champagne: If you say so. I was going to play ‘Who Let the Dogs Out’. Woof.

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