Light On, Lights Out

Mrs. Light stuck her head in her daughter’s room, “Ezzie, are you…”

“Oh! Mom, hey mom! Yes, mom, hi, mom. Yeah! Hey, you look great, great. Great? Great! Mom…” This kept going, and all Mrs. Light could do was roll her eyes.

Mr. Light appeared in the doorway, “Hey Honey, have you seen my good belt?”

Esmerelda Light interrupted, “Dad! Hey dad, hey. Hay? Hey! Dad, I like that tie, tie, tie…Great! Hay! Great hay! Dad, seriously now…” Again, she didn’t stop.

Her father sighed, “What is she on this time?”

Her mother shrugged, “I don’t know. It’s an upper for sure though, maybe cocaine or meth.”

“Maybe she got a hold of Cory Bulgin’s Ritalin again?”

“Could be anything,” Mrs. Light sighed. “What time are the dinner reservations?”

Mr. Light checked his watch, “Seven, but I could call and push them back.”

Taking a sad look at her daughter, Mrs. Light said softly, “Like I want to be here when she comes down from this. Ezzie sweetie, your father and I are going out.”

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