Officer Jones is on the Case

Officer Jones took a deep breath before leaving the patrol car. In her limited time with the Police Department, she had made mistakes. She could not understand the laughter of the other officers, the anger of superiors, or the presumption that she would know to follow “an unwritten rule.” These thoughts were her central focus as she approached the car.

“Hello, officer,” the driver greeted her.

“Hello, citizen. You were going fast. I must write you a ticket.”

“I like your attitude. None of that, ’Where’s the fire?’”

Anxious, she looked up from the ticket. “Am I supposed to say that?”


Still scribbling on the ticket, she attempted conversation. “I see you are a collector.”


“Yes,” she motioned to the backseat. “Blankets and guns.”

“Right. I collect blanket-covered guns. It’s a passion.”

“Well, sir,” she finished the ticket, “do not make a habit of collecting these.”

Officer Jones walked away, pleased she had warned him against speeding again. She was sure that that was correct.

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