By the Light of the Distant Sun (Day 24)

I twisted my heel pushing hard pushing against the sand. Swinging my other leg around slowly, I brought it straight up over my head. My muscles screamed in agony but I had to continue. The dance must continue.

Faster now, I pivoted swinging my hips round and round. Sand spun off my clothes in shimmering arcs. The world spun around me in a blur. Once I had enough momentum I sprang forward out of one circle and into the next. The sand was hotter here but the pain was distant. Someone else’s pain. A part of me knew that I was going to pay for it later. The sacrifice was necessary. Blood, bone or sweat, would draw the Protectors.

Leaping to the third and final circle, I spread my arms wide and soared, becoming one with the mighty simoom. I crashed to the earth, stumbling slightly before I regained my footing. Just a little bit longer.

My legs turned to water. Trembling, I forced myself to stay upright as I slowly swept a foot out one last arc. I pulled myself upright bringing my hands above my head.


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