Employing Himself

“Look, I’m in deep. I need a lot of money, and I need it quick. I came to you because I heard you deal in this kind of thing.”
“Deal? You heard what exactly?”
This was an interview, and Mitch did not want to mess this up. He went for flattery.
“I heard you are the best at what you do.. that you are the go-to man. If anyone needs something, they go to you.”
“And so here you are.”
“Here I am, and I want to work for you.”
He considered this. “As it turns out I have received a business proposition, but my face is too well known in the area, you know. I could use a fresh one.”
“I’ll do it.”
“Man, you are desperate! Meet me at Cypress and 6th at 9:30 tonight.”

He let Mitch out at the park entrance. He walked to his bike and wondered what exactly he had gotten himself into. He just employed himself to work for the shadiest character in the whole town probably doing the shadiest work in the whole town.

And for what?

For the rumor that his one-night-stand was pregnant. Suddenly he knew what he must do.

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