(Day 12) What you SHOULD be worried about...





I sit up, drenched in sweat, the same way I’ve been doing for a week now. Maybe it’s the ambient sounds of the cabin. Maybe it’s my paranoia finally settling into the deeper recesses of my mind, forcing me to come to terms with them. All I know is when the station finally rotates lightside, the fear sets in.

Once the orbit finally takes me into the cold embrace of the darkside, I feel better, I honestly do. But the lightside. Something about being that close to the sun, unprotected by the plane’ts sensible atmosphere makes me jumpy, irritated.

I take the pills like Dr. Whatshisface told me to do. One upon waking, one midday, and one before dark, but I don’t think it’s working. I’m strapped to my cot now, hearing the sensors adjust – tick-tick-tick-tick-whirrrmmmm – and I stare at the sun through the smoked glass.

The fear and irritation bubbles in my gut.


What the hell? I avert my gaze for a moment and listen hard again.


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