New Semi-Life

“Host 4630 is ready,” the extremely nice voice of the monitoring program announced as a green light went on over the pod. An arm reached and out and precisely gripped, lifted, and carried the pod forward to an awaiting docking bay with a platform for approaching.

Two technicians climbed the stairs to the platform and attached the wires to the injection and vacuum system. They prepared the wakening serum, loading the cylinder into its containment and distribution device.

“Time to go to work.” I nodded grimly at my coworker, sighed and stood to join him, exiting our windowed tower for the elevator to the pod floor below.

We each put in our keys. “3..2..1,” he counted down. Turning them simultaneously, the serum injected, the water and saline began to flow out and breathlessly we watched the birth of a new semi-life.

Agonizing milliseconds ticked by before it sucked in a huge breath, using its lungs for the first time. The two technicians read the data on the screens.

“Apgar 8, no 9. She’s good.”

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