Discussion Over Cookies

JoAnn, still grounded, now serving Cal some home-made chocolate chip cookies, was feeling better about getting most of the story out in the open.

“Honey, I think we should tell your Father,” her mother said between bites.
“Mom, he’ll overrreact!”
“It won’t be that bad. He’ll get over it.”
“Mom, you remember when I was five and Cal and I trampled the tomato plants? He refused to let Cal come over again until my sixth birthday party!”
“But he’ll be concerned for your health, and since you won’t tell him who the father is, he has no one to target.”
“But me..”
“You’re his daughter!”
“He’ll kick me out, Mom!”
“No he won’t.”
“Are you sure? Are you absolutely sure? Because I’m not.”
Hannah was quiet as she realized her husband might just consider it. He’s been so easily ruffled lately. Anything could get his dander up.

Just then a knock sounded at the door. Everyone looked confused and for a moment no one moved. “I’ll get it.” Cal volunteered. ‘“No, Cal it’s my house." Hannah went to the door.
“Can I see JoAnn?”

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